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I watched a video of me playing recently and noticed that the shaft runs outside my right cheek. My head is almost beside the shaft. I am very right eye dominant, due to being born with lazy eye in my left. I play ok, but inconsistent. My question is would moving my head help me become more consistent?


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If it's that far outside, it's likely one cause of your consistency. Since we use both eyes, even if one is dominant, most players get a more accurate line of sight when the cue is somewhere between the two eyes. But I must qualify that statement. I have seen pictures of Earl where it looks like his cue is off to his right, and he obviously has no problem aiming.

You need to fine a point where what you perceive to be a straight line extending beyond the end of the cue is the actual straight line toward your intended target. Each player is unique, so I can't tell you exactly where yours should be without being there at the table with you.

If you can find a good instructor, they should be able to help.


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Try to line up a pool cue laying on the table with the tip just past the foot spot and its pointing straight at the 2nd diamond of the foot rail.

From the head of the table, you lean over the table so your head is over the pool cue. Move your head slowly left/right until you see the cue pointing exactly at the center of the diamond. When it looks to be aimed dead center at the diamond stop moving your head and look down. Where is the cue relative to your eyes? Try to shoot withyour head in this position relative to your cue.