Heading to Taiwan...


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I'll be heading to Taipei in 1 days time. I'll probably be heading to Hua Lien, Jiangnan, Long Men and Long Tan across different periods of time.

My question is does anybody know any Cuemaker or Cue Shops around those 4 areas and is there any pool rooms you guys can recommend?

Thanks a million


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Sorry, not in the Taipei area. The only cuemaker I know is from Taichung, I can give you the contact information if you want. But otherwise I am from Kaohsiung.. so not really familiar with the pool shops in Taipei. I am sure if you ask on the pool hall's page asking about pool shops, they will be more than welcome to help you out. The owner is a legendary commentator/coach in Taiwan so he knows everyone.


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I was just in Kaohsiung and Taipei. There's a nice room in yonghe close to the night market downstairs

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