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same reason as this for sale, i need the money. http://forums.azbilliards.com/showthread.php?p=2469254#post2469254

This helmstetter is beautiful, classically styled, fantastic shape for its age and amount of play. minor surface blemishes. more than a few
NOTE: all the veneers are as bright as in the 1st pic
beautifully colored veneers
58 inches
mop notched diamands and dots
double nic/silv rings
5/16 18 SS piloted joint
two shafts one's 13mm ones 11.5 mm triangle tips red fiber pad
ferrules i had replaced with ivory

rolls straight
i think its 19.5 oz (i'll try to get all the weight)
super crisp solid hit beautiful sound and feel when you hit the ball.

i always planned on keeping this one and refinishing the cue hence i'm 160 bucks into the cue having replaced the ferrules w ivory. i know a refinish would make this cue absolute dynamite.
300.00 shipped will take it (buyer pays paypal fee)
ny nj philly area i can meet for cash and carry


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