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This table is local to me. The seller states it’s been recently recovered and in good overall condition. I’ve not seen it in person and I only have the attached photos.

Seller said the table is slate, not sure if it’s one or multiple pieces, 44x88 with ball return.

Mods, if I’m in the wrong spot let me know.

Thanks everyone in advance.

Edit: would you spend a few hundred on this table, not including the cost to hire movers and setup?

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I'm pretty sure that it will be a single-slab 7/8-1" thick slate. Heavy!

Not a great table, in my opinion.. The rail attachment method is a bit clunky. It will never play as good as a Gold Crown or similar. But, so long as you manage your expectations, it should be worth a couple hundred.

Despite the weight, the setup is very simple, which adds some appeal. If you have to hire someone to move it, that appeal may be diminished. But, if you have 3 able-bodied friends with you, it's not terrible.

In my opinion, your all-in cost (including: table, new cloth, moving, set up...) should not exceed $1200.


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Thank you everyone for your help, I truly appreciate it.

I’m going to sit and think it over for a few days before making a decision.