Help! Predator air vs. air 2 vs. dymondwood


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I used to use a predator air and I jumped really well with it. I could even do one handed jumps pretty well. I wanted an all in one stick and ended up with a dymondwood jump/break. It seems that I cant jump balls as easily as I did or perhaps I am just not used to it. I am thinking of buying another air just to have around to practice with both and see if I can use the dymondwood or I need my air back. The next question would be is what people think about the original predator air vs. the air II. If anyone has both and could give me an idea on how they compare, I would really appreciate it. Thank you.
I have an air 2 and it's the best for jumping dart (overhand). I can jump with draw to hold the cue ball and follow to jump go a rail or two and kick the object ball. It gets over balls with ease. Plays better than the air 1. The technology is not hype.