Help with Cue info and value please (Huebler)


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A friend of mine is looking for some info and value on his Huebler. It is limited to 100 however he believes the count of cues never made it to the 100 mark. This cue is not listed in the Blue Book so I am reaching out to you guys to see if anyone knows any more about it and what it's current value may be at in today's market. This cue may be for sale as well pending value. Thanks for any help:thumbup:


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huebler value

Hey there. I have seen such similar cues and in varying conditions. The known expert on AZ I would say is Bobalouiecda, I know he is busy at times and I am sure he will give you some info. I kow him very well and huebler cues thru him. it looks like you said in primo condition. My guess, if you find a earnhardt fan, then more value you could assess. However, being limited cue production, My guess- $400-600
My reasoning is, the points are not cut and sharp (they are rounded)
also, the letter you have is from `98 so not a very old cue.
Again, it is collectable to a few people, huebler followers and Earnhardt peeps
But again, it all depends on the material used as well, is the white inlay? or is it just plastic veneer? Again I am not the expert, but that would be my opinion.