Help with poison vx break cue butt issue


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I noticed over the last few weeks that the butt of the cue has a lot of the material rubbing off of it. It creates quite a mess and gets all over my hand.

Is this something common the the cue/brand and is there a fix?

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I think it's very common with the grips on the Poison cues, I've had that happen to my VX jump stick exactly the same and saw it happen to the grips on the Poison cues that teammates were playing with.

It must be just crappy quality of the rubber they use on their cues. Or maybe it happens with all rubber grips, because my Lucasi Big Beulah 2 breakcue also had a rubber grip and the same thing happened with that. I had that replaced with a leather grip, greatly improved the look of that cue.


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I had a VX2.9 a long time ago and it was fine, but the rubber on the new ones must not be properly cured.
I've seen that problem with Chinese elastomers for industrial applications,
but you would think Predator would have better quality control with all the rubber grips they sell.

Unless someone cleaned it with a solvent not compatible with that type of rubber.