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Hello all I’m new to the forums and relatively new too pool. Looking to upgrade cue or shaft and undecided which route to go. Currently have McDermott star cue with core shaft. Looking into 314 or pechauer rouge CF shaft replacement or a svb cynergy cue. Looking for some preferences or ideas on how to narrow things down. Thanks


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Out of the 3 you mentioned, I'd personally go with the rogue. I hated the way the cynergy played and felt and I definitely prefer cf over the 314 wood.


I was in your position a year ago. I went w/ the 314 & have no regrets. However, for me it was not a "night & day" difference from my old maple shaft. I was also able to try maple shafts, lower end LD (Pure X, Lucasi), LD (OB, Predator) & CF (Revo) on the same day. For my skill level (C+/B-), there weren't massive differences b/t them. There were differences, but not as much as I expected.

Another thing to consider- if you scan these forums obsessively, you'll see a lot of posts saying this or that CF shaft hits the most like wood. I will still try CF someday, but I can't help thinking "if they want it to feel like wood, why not play w/ wood?"


Personally I would upgrade my stick if I was looking at $500 shafts. Look for a joss, or some kind of merry widow. No point sticking a $500 or even a $300 doller shaft on a $150 stick. Sometimes the hit of the stick can change your game.
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Unfortunately, you'll probably have to go out and hit a bunch with different cues and shafts.

I played with a 314-1 for about 10 years on two different Schon butts. Each played slightly different. One had a firmer, harder hit. Same shaft!

Then I took a break. I came back earlier this year and wanted to update some equipment. I bought a Jacoby Ultra and a 314-3 for my Schons. The 314-3 was slightly better for me. I had slightly better cue ball control - the ball went where I expected it to, especially on touch draw shots.

I also purchased a Mezz for the WX700 shaft, which I had heard good things about. The Mezz played very well, but the shaft's taper was a bit too think for my liking.

I then purchased a Predator 8k-4, which came with a new 314-3 and a new Vantage. The Vantage had the same issue was the WX700, too think of a taper for me. The 314-3 on the Predator played better than the 314-3 on my Schons. So, I started to consider selling my Schons.

I then purchased P3 with a Revo 12.4 and a Cynergy 15k with a different tip (Kamui Black Soft). The 15k was a bit too soft and whippy feeling. The Revo was perfect for my game. Both CF shafts felt harder on my 8k than on the P3, probably due to the joint, which is a stainless steel on the 8k and wood/wood on the P3. The Cynergy went back.

I wanted to try the carbon fiber shafts to see what the hype was all about. The Cynergy does feel more like wood, but plays better. The Revo doesn't play like any wood shaft that I have. It feels super stiff to me, which I like. The cue ball goes where I aim, there is nearly no deflection or aim compensation needed. The only thing I don't like is the Victory soft tip. It is glazing and mushrooming. I may put a Zan medium on it soon.

So, long story short, every shaft will hit slightly different on different butts. It may take some time to find the combination you like. I used PoolDawg and Seybert's return policies to test equipment, but tried to be sensible and not abuse it too much.

I will likely put my two Schons, 3x 314 shafts and two original maple shafts for the Schons, my Predator 8k with 314 and Vantage, and my Mezz Kai with DI 2 shaft up for sale (the break cue saga was shorter than the player cue saga at least). I think the P3 with Revo is the best combo for me... at least for now. A Mezz ExPro shaft on an Exceed butt intrigues me.

Sorry for the long post.