Hightower full size lathe for sale !!!!!!


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OK GUYS.....I have several items for sale , due to the fact I need some cash to get another piece of equipment. I am going to start with this item though, and it is a HIGHTOWER FULL SIZE LATHE....It doesnt have a router or taper bars, but has everything else.

( bare with me on the names of items as I am still just learning:) )

60 degree live center
large concave center
self center 3 jaw chuck, which has a few scratches on it but is only a coupl months old
rear chuck with drill chuck to hold centers
2 steady rests, one with all collets and other with felt in it
2 tool posts that are nearly new
oak starge box w/lock and key ( can also add taper bars to this box as with the delux lathe)
has foot pedal for doing wraps ( small sewing machine motor )
of course the big motor that comes with it ( does not have reversing )
allen wrenches and chuck bars
collets that fit the steady rest
also I can throw in a foot control that turns the machine off and on, just step on the button and it flips on and off....I like this because I can work with both hands on the machine and controls the power with my foot :)
cross slide

this lathe as I said has everything that a full size has ( I think we could ask Chris) and is in very good shape , but I have an opportunity to buy another lathe that I have wanted for awhile and this is one of the routes I have to take to get it:D :D :D I dont know how old the machine is but I think probably about 7-8 years old.

If anyone is interested I can send pics , after I take them, or when I can I can send the pics to somone and they can post for me , as I have YET to learn how to do that.

I dont really know how to price this , so if you have an offer please PM me ,
I would think this machine would at leat sale for $1400 but like I said I dont really know for sure, I am very new to selling this stuff , so I dont want anyone mad or thinking I am trying to rob someone, just trying to get what its worth......also if you have aan offer I will be more than happy to consider ALL OFFERS before I sale......and of course as I am considering offers I will place names on a list and give the preference to the ( first come first serve ) then move down the list......