How do these guys get their shoulder behind their head?


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Interesting read for me, old thread or not. I've been trying to get better fundamentals, especially in regard to my stance.
Alignment meme.jpg

I made this and sent it to a friend when I thought maybe I was spending too much time on this one aspect of my game.
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There’s another way of looking at this....right hand player....stick your left arm straight out to the side.. line with your shoulders....look down your left arm....there it is.

I never went for setting your feet early...doesn’t accommodate many positions.
I come from golf...I set my feet last...that way your stance accommodates the shot.
Yes spot on, I wasn't sticking my left arm out to the left enough.


Check out this youtube video if you haven't seen it already. This coach talks a lot about aiming and alignment with the head, shoulder, elbow with examples of several pros. link


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One more follow up from me. OK I realize now that I don't have to do that big elaborate setup with the cue against my chest. The important thing is just getting my chin really close to my left shoulder (even slightly over the top of my shoulder). This naturally pulls my other elbow behind my head.

I think the OP who had a lot of trouble turning his head that far - one possible explanation, is that if you have rounded shoulders, and you try to turn your head far to the left then your chin might actually start pushing against the side of your shoulder which will make it seem like you can't turn anymore. The solution is you need to go up and over and down with your head to clear the side of the shoulder. Seems obvious in retrospect.