How good was Keith McCready?


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Except he stole that from Wade Crane
Where did you read that?

The difference between the late 80's and mid 90's is significant. He was in the depths of alcohol and drug usage at that point in the 90's. If Los Alamitos Race Track had been further away from Hard Times than it was he would have been inn even more action.

Even past his prime he was a force to be reckoned with. I remember a Sunday tournament when Keith came in and rushed over to the table Efren was playing on and threw down 1K. They moved to a another table, as did most of the spectators. Keith won the first race but I had to leave midway through the 2nd match but I heard that Efren ended up winning the cash. Talk about polar opposites. Keith and Efren.

I talked to his brother one day at HT and he swore Jam saved Keith's life and I know that I for one am very happy about that. Efren and Keith were both magical but in entirely different ways.

Dead Money

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A few months back, Keith told me on Facebook, that he might have to come out of retirement for the likes of me. 😁
The battle of two guys who have film credits to their name! One famous.. the other well known and respected. Hmmmmmm gonna have to bet on Keith..sorry Joey!


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I vaguely remember Keith but I'd have to find the right notebook to be sure.
At first I thought, “this guy keeps a notebook??”, then I remembered I record in a journal every fishing trip I’ve been on for the last thirty years. The two guys I fish with do the same. It’s funny when we compare notes from a trip decades ago. So I appreciate a man who takes his craft seriously.