how might 14.1 results translate to other games?

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So just curious, who would you say is the better player? The problem is there are not many players who are very proficient at both games. Even for those few that are, they are still very likely better at one game than the other, so even asking them what their high runs in both games are may not answer the question.

One thing is for sure, If you have a 14.1 high run of 100 balls, there are no shortcuts. You have had to set up and successfully execute at least 7 break shots and run 7+ entire 14 ball racks. By comparison, someone who has broke and runs 7 consecutive 9-ball racks, has likely made either one or more 9 balls on the break or made one or more caroms / combos on to the 9-ball, or both. Not counting balls made on the break, they have likely pocketed no more than 40-45 consecutive shots to run those 7 racks.
Interesting question. If I was forced to bet which player had the higher respective skill level rating, I would probably lean towards the player with a 42 ball run. I wouldn’t like the bet though. And this also assuming each player is a specialist in the game of their respective high runs.

I could easily be wrong because I remember some pretty good players with a high run of 3 racks. They just didn’t have a well controlled break. But I’ve also known of some relatively newer players that got 3 racks by virtue of some lucky layouts and good breaks.
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