How often do you guys use this shot?


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Cuebacca said:
It looks like you could also just thin the 6 with high inside and come out 1 rail for position for the Z shot from the 7 to the 9. Or maybe the Cue Table is deceiving or perhaps I just suck. Either way, nice shot. :D

I was thinking the same thing. As it's diagrammed high inside on this will get you perfect and I'd prefer to have less movement out of the CB and not have to hit it as hard. On top of that you could easily hit that shot with low outside, drag it up the rail and come underneath the 7 by 2 rails. Sure, there's a chance for scratching in the side but I like my chances coming underneath.


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yeah. the inside english is the way to go here. but i was curious on this one as to the other options. i set the shot up yesterday at Amsterdam, hit it pretty soft with a ton of left english. it hit the first rail, shot off at a super-shallow angle, and the cueball ended up pretty much where it started and perfect on the 7.

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