how would you play this?


SO this just came up about 20 min ago in my home game snooker table 8 ball match. (I came back from 4-1 down to win 5-4 in a race to 5 :) )

I am on the 8 ball and i have him pinned in the corner. I snaped this pic before he shot
those are the only balls left on table

Your thoughts


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Depends on how good the player you are playing is and how good you are.

You can kick at the 8, it's in a big ball position so if you hit it almost anywhere it should go in off the other ball.

You can play his hanging ball off the 8, then go up table where he has a tough shot on the stripe in the middle.

You can thin the 8 ball to kick it off the rail an inch to block the pocket and leave the same position up the table in the middle of the opposite rail.

If I was shooting it, I'd kick at the 8 to try to make it. Even if you miss the shot or it hangs up, you could have a chance to get lucky and not leave him a shot.

The safe is probably harder to execute at the right speed, but if you bring the cueball and 8 ball to the right spots he will have a very very tough time with winning. If the 8 is near that corner pocket, the open stripe can't go there, if you leave the cueball on the other side of the ball, he will need to bank a shot or try a safe with the 8 in front of the pocket.
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bank the 8 ball off of the pro rail into the 12 call it in the pocket, put the right speed on it to get the cue ball safe on the bottom rail, in the event the 8 doesnt go. The 8 may go the 12 may go, but the thing for sure is the 8 will stop in the pocket if it doesnt go t and the cue ball will be on the lower rail , leaving your opponent a bad shot and chancing he will pocket the 8

You want to try to make his 12 but are calling 8 in the event it goes
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