Huebler Wrapless Plane Jane


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I picked this cue up along with another cue that I really wanted, the deal was good, but this cue is FAR heavier than I prefer at 20.1 oz.

Not sure the wood type. The cue is a Plane Jane Huebler with no wrap. The ferrule has a SLIGHT bit of separation as can be seen in the pics, but I've hit with the cue and it doesn't seem to effect the hit. Please see the pictures for details.

Asking $250 OBO. Trades welcome for other Hueblers, or maybe a nice 3x or 4x case? If you have ideas or offers let me know.

Stats are as follows.
Butt: 16.3
Shaft: 3.8
Total: 20.1

Pics can be found here (There are other cues in gallery HueblerPJ pics are for this cue):