I LOVE the Expo!!!


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I’ve been going now on and off for 15 years.i still and always have loved the expo more than any other event during the year. I can’t imagine how difficult it must be to run considering I’ve run and currently run two tournaments and can’t deal with the drama as it is and I’m dealing with 64 players tops not 1000s. I just wanted to put up some good vibes for Allen and his crew and I know it’s impossible to please everyone and I hope they do too because in my eyes they do a TON right but all we ever discuss is what we think they do wrong. Anyways again I had a blast and that’s with going one and out of the warmup n open n then drawing back to back killers and falling one round short of the money in the second chance. Trust me I’d love better tournament results but I did have better luck in the action room. Again I love the expo n wish I could write every single good thing about it but I’d be typing for a lonnggggggg time. Lol seriously I can’t wait til next year!!! Only 360 days away 😋

PS I’ll never forget my first expo lol I was 14 in the juniors for the first time practiced for months blah blah blah finally got there to find out I wasn’t on the list. Long story short I didn’t get to play and had to watch my friends and cousin play. Sure I was mad but I learned from this and have relentlessly hawked the signup process ever since. Also 2 years ago I was forfeited in the warmup cuz I read my Bracket wrong needless to say I take a picture now w my phone so I can triple check. Again life is a learning process as soon as I get my badge it goes in my case where it stays til after I’m done usually awhile after when I clean my bag out. I hope everyone had a safe trip home and I know I’ll see the expo crew next year!!!!!


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I would like to gamble with a guy who typed for a lonnggggggg time....
...I've never lost to a guy with carpal tunnel.....:)

Thanx, we needed that write up after all the others.
...my only complaint of SBE is that the few times I've gone...my bankroll was in serious
trouble around the cue sellers...best selection I ever saw under one roof...
...and I went to many BCA trade shows?