I need help identifying a Scruggs


I have a copy of an old Scruggs catalog and there is a specific cue I am trying to find. So I need to know if he made multiple of the same cue or was this a "one of a kind" cue??

I'm guessing this was late 1980's or early 1990's.
Gold Collection, with Ivory and gold. The important note: The cue was ONLY three colors: Black, white and grey. It was not "tan" like wood, like most of the cues. It was stained so the wood had a marbled "tiger stripe" look but it was really all gray and black. Black points (not floating), fancy ring-work, etc.

#31 on this catalog has been the closest I have found to it in 20 years. There are some for sale online that are very close, with the gold and ivory, but I'm looking for this exact cue. White ivory butt-cap, has his beautiful TS logo (no year markings) - It is the 6th one in from the left.

Any help is appreciated, even it I need to be a detective, previous owners, etc.

It was originally sold at the Felt Forum in Fairfield, CT about 1994-1996 sometime to an idiot who never took care of it. I imagine it has changed hands over the years.



nick serdula

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I own a cue in that catalog. It is not for sale. The exact cue pictured. Not yours. Another monster. The middle Cue is # 11. I had the same cue in blue signed 1 of. Anything is possible. I can say the gold cues are few and far.
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