I shot some video then my first break and run


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After reading a few posts on video evaluation I took my pocket cam with me to Goodfellows where on Sundays they open up their Valley boxes. From now on I will be suggesting others do the same if you want to improve your game. On Tuesday, playing in the opening match on league night, my first game became my first break and run.

While I was uploading the files to my computer I thought I might see some flaws, but since we all have those I was more intent on reviewing my position play. Wrong. My jaw dropped as I watched my stroke. Even without certification I immediately saw glaring errors; the cue could be more level, I am not stroking through the ball as much as I envision, but most jarring was seeing the tip of my cue move toward my body during the follow through on a few shots. Never have I been given as honest an answer to “how is my stroke?”, then from watching it on screen.

With those errors in mind the next night out I worked with the idea of striking an imaginary ball four inches behind the cue ball and got the break and run monkey off my back. That one adjustment did not perfect how I struck the ball, and one could argue against the correlation I have proposed, but that is what happened.

In regards to the actual break and run, I don’t remember much about the game. What sticks with me is how it just fell into place. Shot some balls and there I was looking at a simple cut on the 8 for the win. No chorus of angels, just a few fist bumps and on with the match.