I Should Have Ducked!


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Early this week was rather cool here in Florida with the high for the day 73 degrees but still, due to the greenhouse effect, my car was boiling inside when i entered for a short drive to my Eye Doctor. Rather than sitting there in the inferno until the A/C finally overtakes the heat, I open a couple of windows and pull away. The temperature inside immediately began dropping with the rush of the cooler outside air.

Things were getting fairly comfortable by the time i reached the stop sign which marked the end of my Condominium complex. I make a left turn on to the public street and 10 yds down the road as i begin to pass a small lake, SLAMMO! I am hit in the face and shoulder by a DUCK! It was one of those invasive Muscovy Ducks which in recent years had overrun this little lake. Due to one lady feeding them approximately 10 lbs of dry cat food every day from her backdoor, which borders on the lake property, the population had rapidly increased from 5 or 6 to well over a hundred.

These invasive bastards are huge, ugly and now i know-smelly!! I look in the rear view mirror, expecting to see it dead on the road but nothing! I poke my head out the window for a better look and again nothing! Now I am thinking this bastard is in my back seat!. I pull off the road, dreading what i am likely to see but again, nothing!. He had apparently bounced off my face, shoulder and the window frame and continued on his way. These things are tougher than a Tad’s steakhouse T-Bone!

No humans were injured during the play-out of this event.