Inside the mind of a champion


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A few months ago, Shawn Putnam was nice enough to provide us with some "self-commentary" during a small weekly 10-ball tournament.

I somehow convinced Shawn to wear a wireless headset during my live stream of the Finals of the Skinny Bobs Sunday 10-ball tournament, so he could talk about his shot choices, roll out options, safeties, etc.

I'm sure I've posted this somewhere on AZB before (it was filmed in 2013), but I was watching it again yesterday, and learned some new things from his commentary, so I thought I'd re-share it. I hope that's okay.

Shawn was understandably reluctant to don the headset at first, so you'll hear Kim Pierce handling the commentary for the first few minutes, before we pressured Shawn into putting the headset on. :)

Anyway, I hope some of my AZB friends find some value in this (as I did), and I hope your game improves after viewing this rare footage.

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Nice, thanks for the link. Shawn plays nice, simple patterns and doesn't move the cue ball much, just like Buddy Hall. It's good to hear his thought processes throughout the match.


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I've seen this...its great. Wish we could svb to do it with 8 ball ! What has happened to Shawn? I haven't seen him in any the large tournies lately.


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Closest thing to this that I've seen is when Earl Strickland was commentating on a 9ball match. His insights were spot on.


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This is awesome, reminds me of Max Eberle's videos with the head cam on and commentary.