Interesting Matchroom video


Skylar was posted as the first US wild card selection today.

They also posted this video a couple of days ago. It has Karl and Jayson commentating one of Jayson's matches from the Mosconi Cup in 2018. I think it will be a new "series" they are starting. They make a couple of interesting comments about Johan and Shane.


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I think they know they need a “rattled SVB”. He folds to people he can beat when he is, e.g. Appleton, Shaw, Filler, etc. (And they legit can beat him too, no shade their way).

I think that’s why Sky is the first wildcard. I think they’re playing him up to be the player captain for Team USA to (A) make sure Shave is humbled and hungry enough to want to be there without it being an immediate given and (B) to take some of the team pressure off Shane.

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