IPT Satellite Qualifiers

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Help me please. The following is just a rumor that I am interested to know more about. If any of you could help...

I understand there was an IPT satellite qualifier tournament ran at the DCC. I was not there but I heard from a good source that 16 players put up 200.00 each vying for a paid entry (2,000.00) into one of the official IPT qualifiers.

I also heard that the 2,000.00 spot was purchased by a IPT player. Supposedly, only IPT players can make these so called investments, and have been given a green light from IPT Headquaters.

Apparently this is designed to give IPT players an opportunity to make some extra cash until the tour actually starts.

I was also told by my source that the only stipulation by the IPT was that if IPT players were going to run satellite events that no money from the entries was to be paid out at the satellite.

Well if I do the math and this satellite tournament did in fact take place, the IPT player made 1,200.00. I also heard that many IPT players have every intention of doing satellite events around the country.

Don't get me wrong. Anyone is entitled to make money for services rendered, but if this is true I would hope the IPT players that do run satellite events will keep the best interest of their peers in mind.

In other words, if I were an IPT player on the threshhold of potentially becoming a true professional billiard player (meaning a financially qualified profession) I would first take a look around me and at all the qualified players that for one reason or another was not selected to the IPT. I would then go to my peers and say, hey! I have a great opportunity for you to possibly get into a IPT qualifier at a discount rate.

Scenerio - 16 players pay 150.00 each, I'll make the 2,000.00 investment, get the room and run the event for 400.00.
(This seems like a reasonable fee, since it would probably take a full day to run a fair tournament that would produce the best qualifying player).

My fear out of all of this is the "Green Light" to IPT players that might be strapped and can easily see how some short cash could be made. If this were to happen I believe many IPT players down the road will regret what they did TO their peers. And their peers would never forget it.


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Anyone can host a pre-qualifier as long as you have 2000 bucks on your creditcard to buy the spot with, you DON'T have to be in the IPT, and yes I'm sure, since I've mailed with Mr. Andrews, the tour-director about this. So if you're worried, you could buy the spot yourself.