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Who can I buy the best Irish Linen Wrap from. I just got a spool from Atlas but it does not seem to be as good as the last batch! Thanks for any help. Where is Cortland when you need them.


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For current and a bit back in time--Blue Mountain has been Good stuff

Otherwise,if you are trying to compart it to 1950's to 1980's Fishing Linen Line--such as 50's Cuttyhunk,

To find that feel u have to contact Pechauer or put a wanted posting on AZ- for the old stuff--but the real stuff,

Its not cheap though--

you get what u pay for!


mike 'acedonkeyace' kennedy


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I had to replace the original Blue Mountain on an old cue - it was so nice and smooth. I don't have a pile of cues to compare to, but I wanted it like a Schon - about that amount of smooth.
I ordered a small spool of Atlas' current Blue Mountain, and a spool of their Hurlbert. After reading about how the new Blue Mountain just wasn't the same anymore, I had the cue wrapped with Hurlbert (double-pressed).
I don't know what Schon uses, but I wanted that same feel. I ended up wishing I'd wrapped with the BM, because the Hurlbert has just a little too much texture. Not much difference, but noticeable.
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Michael Webb

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When comparing linens that are available today. I like Hulberts. The only problem with that is, the selection is very limited. They just don't have the resources they use to in acquiring it.