Is there a method of choosing between 3 butts that I like.


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I know that nobody will tell me what I like and that it is all a matter of preference etc, all of this I know, but here's my situation.

There are three butts of cues that I really like, note that I use the same shaft on all of them, however, the three butts are from the same brand, they are almost the same but a little bit different feel may be due to butt diameter or construction I do not know. Moreover, I enjoy playing with each of these 3 butts and also I think that there are few departments where I feel that one butt excels over the other and vice versa, ill just give an example, maybe it is all inside of my head but maybe it is true but that's how I feel, example: Butt #1 does really well on long shots, however, butt #2 does great with controlling the cue ball, few stuff like these are what I think of, but again maybe it is inside of my head.

Now I want to choose one for once and for all, I want to choose one to stick with and just shoot with for a month or a year, I've been stuck in the mind-set of changing butts and rotate between the 3 butts each day, which may do me no good, I just need to do what the pro's do, they stick with one butt, one shaft, one tip for 10 years, maybe that's how it should be.

Now, I post here not to ask you what to choose, obviously you can't choose for me, but I want a known method, or instruction of what can I do to choose the correct butt for me by statistics, not by how I feel, I don't care about how I feel, what I care of is results, so for example, I'm hoping that someone was in the same boat as me, then he found a method/exercise which yields points, where you can compete the 3 butts against each other, then after certain days or points you can find out which butt won the challenge, ergo this way I can find the butt that I can stick with, I want the one that can give me the best results.

Sorry for the long msg.
I’m in the same boat. I only ask myself two questions: which one do I like the most aesthetically? Which one have I had the longest?