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I've been buying ivory cues all along and am still looking to get more.......I do not believe the ban will hurt my cues........may in fact help drive up the value.
I've been posting this for a year and like Bill at Cornerstone, sell me your ivory joint cues....only interested in Joss West, Richard Black, Joel Hercek, Danny
Tibbits, Dennis Searing and Ed Prewitt cues......has to be a Level 5 cue and preferably, a Level 6 cue design.

The GOP will never let this go through....it affects gun sales and we all know that guns are too precious to ever jeopardize........pretty _ucked up that guns
are the reason why pool cues with ivory will be protected when the regulation gets changed and rest assured, it will. Anything that affects or limits gun sales
has zero chance nowadays........what a sad statement that truly is.

Matt B.