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2x4 jack justis tube case. Case was bought new from jack maybe 15 years ago. Shows some wear. Let me go over the flaws. The zipper is coming loose near the end. The zipper itself works great, but it could use to be stitched. Ive had the case like this for at least five years and it hasn't gotten any worse. The bottom is missing one of the studs used to protect the bottom. You can see it on the far right. This case is not a shiny new closet queen. It was used and went everywhere. There is blue chalk stains present on the top of some of the tubes. I dont twirl my cue tips on the pool room floor like some people do, i just usually unscrew put the arrows away. All the snaps snap, the zippers zip and there are no holes, the bottom of the case is really where the most wear is. The diamond inlays into the pocket are lizard. The case has extra tooling, the tip tapper 9ball plus a few more extras. I think I even still have the receipt that jack gave me for this case somewhere in my bedroom nightstand.

I just dont use this case as much as my 4/8 nowadays so im selling. I guess im getting old because im finding new reasons to become Mr Pool Gadget and have 12 different things i need to carry in my case so the justis just cant cope.

$350 shipped anywhere in the lower 48. anywhere else and be prepared to pony up a few more bucks to offset the shipping. No trades


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