Jacoby BlaCk


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I was looking through the forum and found that reviews in this section on the Jacoby BlaCk is kind of limited. Anyone played with one a lot?


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I recently bought my friend's Black shaft. I do not know why he went back to the Jacoby hybrid.

I already had a becue 12.0. I prefer the Black. The tip is larger but the taper makes it feel much thinner. I used hybrid shafts previously so I was already accustomed to the Jacoby taper.

I was initially hesitant to get the black due to their radial joint being 0.847, but fits my cue's 0.840 joint perfectly.

I'm very happy with my choice.

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I like the Black but like alot of Carbon shafts, the butt plays a big roll. I find even more than wood shafts certain butts feel and sound better with carbon than others. The more you play with the Black , its very nice. The Cuetec is really nice as well. Both of these are very stiff for having super long tapers.


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Any other reviews on the Black shaft?

I like the Black better than the Prime M BeCue I hadand better than the cynergy I tested. I still like the Revo and just bought a second Revo So if your looking for an almost new radial Black let me know.


I've played the Jacoby Black for about a year now and will never get anything else. I've never played with other CF shafts and my last 2 shots were OB Plus LD. The Deflection on a CF shaft is insanely low that I can hammer shots full power with side and not worry about the sqyirt tht wood LD had. The smoothness of the shaft is insanely smooth as well as the feel and sound. Ive had a bunch of predator Revo guys try it and said they actually liked the feel of my Jacoby Black better. I'm playing with the 12.3mm shaft and Kamui medium tan tip

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