Jaisen Cue Case


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Here are some pics.


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JB Cases

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Just won a Jaisen 2×4 case. Anyone have any info on them?

It's Jiasen. A factory in China. I taught them how to build cases according to my ideas and for the most part they use my methods.

Take care of it because if it breaks you can't really send it back to be fixed. Most of what they make are decent cases but often there are small quality issues here and there as a result of the production process and no oversight throughout.

The case construction level will be similar to the J.Flowers by Jiasen brand.

JB Cases

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What would you value this case at JB?

I would charge more than 600 if we made it. I have no idea what it's worth otherwise.

As a case it's a decently built leather case. To me that's always worth a minimum of $300 just for the construction alone.

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Damn I was trying to buy this off a guy on FB, guess it sold quicker than I thought it would