JERICO STNGER Custom Jump-Break Cue.


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Very !UNIQUE! Jerico STNGER Custom Jump-Break Cue.

Featured in the Dec. 2007 Issue of Playboy. No longer available for retail sale.

This is a custom pool cue made by Jerry Powers of Jerico Custom Cues. This is an absolutely beautiful jump-break cue made from Waterfall Quilted Bubinga. There are six floating synthetic ivory floating points with turquoise inlays. There are six synthetic ivory diamonds in the handle with a synthetic ivory butt cap. There is a jump-break conversion at the beginning of the handle. Both joints are quick release. This cue comes with a jump break shaft designed specifically for jumping and breaking. The tip is engineered for power during the break and easy, accurate jumping. 
18.8 oz. Patented hard tip – BCA approved. For detailed information on the Jerico STNGER's tips, shaft, butts, the performance, construction, and technology, visit Jerry Power's website at:

This cue was Jerry’s original prototype that he designed for the Dec. 2007 Playboy Christmas Catalog of unique gifts. He made this one first, but in the process had one point break, so he repaired it and decided to keep this cue for himself. It is very unnoticeable. Unless I specifically point it out, no one ever notices it. It is purely cosmetic and doesn't affect the cue's performance. (See photo of the repaired point)

I tried to purchase this style of cue from the Playboy catalog but they were sold out so I contacted Jerry directly. When I told him that I really wanted to buy this particular design, he offered to sell me this cue. I jumped at the chance to own it. Jerry signed it “jerico” with the patent number(see photo). He totally refurbished it for me prior to selling it to me. I used it sparingly, mostly at BCA Nationals where I could not use my phenolic tip break cue.

If there was not a cosmetic flaw, this cue would appraise at $1000.00 to $1200.00. I am considering any offers over $400.00


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