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Ebony butt sleeve and points into Birdseye maple.
4 notched MOP diamonds in the points
4 notched MOP diamonds and 4 MOP dots in the butt sleeve
Stainless 5/16X14 joint
White/green Cortland wrap
Linen micarta ferrules
Phenolic bumper

Butt: 29 3/8", 15.6oz
S1: 29 3/8", 4.4oz, 13.18mm, Moori soft tip (I believe)
S2: 29 3/8", 4.4oz, 13.25mm, Thoroughbred soft tip
S3: 29 3/8", 4.35oz, 13.25mm, Thoroughbred soft tip

I am going to say all shafts have a little taper roll. but tips don't leave table with shafts rolled or shafts attached to butt rolled.

Butt has slight taper roll on part of my table and joint lifted a litttle, see picture and on another part of my table it not, but going top say it is there.

Cue will ship in Hagar case shown in picture.

Price is "Sold" and that includes PayPal fees (PayPal is the only payment I will take, ship via USPS priority mail to any where in the United States (will not ship out side the country.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


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