Jim Ingram Oak Titlist For Trade


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Seeing what else is out there. Interested in other 4 pointers. Especially interested in Titlists, completed John Davis blanks, and ebony full splice cues.

-Piloted 5/16-14 SS joint.
-Includes two original Jim Ingram shafts with Ivory ferrules and one OB Pro shaft with matching ring work. The ring work on the OB isn’t perfect, but close enough that no one would notice the difference without inspecting it closely. All three shafts have been played. The Jim Ingram shafts are both 12.8-13mm and the OB is 11.75.
-black/green linen wrap. The wrap has a finish over it, but not totally glossed-over like a Meucci. It still has texture, but with a smooth feel.
-black ring in butt sleeve has 4 diamonds and 4 dots.
-Will add weights of everything when I have a chance, but it’s around 19.7-20.0oz with any shaft.


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