Joey/Zylr 1of1 Black Micarta cue


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For sale is a one of one black micarta cue started by Zeiler and finished by Joey.

Joey posted the cue in the making:

Joey's description:
This was going to be Kerry's version of the Black Beauty by Hank Corsair .
Kerry got his start in making cues when he went to Hank decades ago to get a sneaky pete made . Hank told him he hated making them so he had Kerry have at it .
Kerry made himself a Black Beauty playing cue years ago too . It was cored with a real heavy rosewood and was a 60" cue .
Kerry cored this one with his own choice of maple . Kerry joined the forearm to his choice of purpleheart handle.
The black paper micarta used for this cue is no longer available afaik . We searched during my years with him as his apprentice . Tad was the only one who had some . Tad gave a piece long enough for 3 cues.
The black paper micarta available now do not come close to looking like the old one.
One other Black Beauty cue was made for a friend of Kerry.

I put the rings, joint screw, butt sleeve, collars and put on the finish .
Two dense shafts from our favorite source come with this cue . Ivor-X ferrules and Jeff's milk dud tips.
The lightning Z logo is upside down on this and on another cue that I finished.

This cue has a firm stiff hit like other Joeys, with his top grade shaft wood and smooth taper. Cue is generally thinner than most, which is great for playing.

Unfortunately my pool time has been limited and I cant afford to take time to get used to a new cue, this cue is still in brandnew/mint condition.

- Black Micarta cored with hard maple, dark purpleheart handle, stag horn joint
- butt: 16.2oz
- shafts: 3.9oz 13mm, ivorX ferrules, milk dud tips


Willing to discuss package sale/trade with this cue, I will ship both in a JB storage case:

Thanks for looking.


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I am eager to trade for a Tasc, Rick Howard, Blue Grass, will add cash if need.