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hi all......FOR SALE....two joss cues..a joss N-13 and a joss-mike sigel-model SOLD SOLD SOLD

the N-13 is in great does have about a 1/8 chip in the handle just above the wrap,19oz everything else is stock.

the butt of the sigel model is in real good cond.the stock shaft has a wobble,it has another shaft that is in good cond.19oz

im sorry I don't do pics.however you can see both cues if you would search the web.

I really hate to have to sell this way.i have over 140 itraders. much easier on the phone.1-307-870-7599 lets talk

N-13 350.00...mike sigel model 250.00...500.00 for sent as gift SOLD SOLD SOLD

thanks george
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