Sold Joss West by Stroud Fully Refinished by Dennis Searing

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Here is a Joss West that was Completely Restored/Refinished by Dennis Searing, cue is perfect, dead straight, and the Birdseye Maple the was used is absolutely gorgeous. It is hard to show the beauty of this cue in pictures.

It is a great example of a JW and hits solid with Joint and Ivory Ferrule.

Butt is 29" even excluding the rubber bumper and the original shaft is 29 3/16" @ 12.65mm.
Weigh In:
Butt 16.38 oz
Shaft 4.02 oz
M Kamui tip

Cue looks like it just came off of the lathe, brand new.

I bought this cue back on here back in February from a very reputable seller on here and it has been sitting in a case since. I was hoping to hold onto it for many years to let it grow in value but my wife and I have been blessed and we have another child on the way so it is time to liquidate a few things in preparation.

Asking $$$Sold$$$ payment shipped and insured. Paypall FF or add 3% for fees.

Here is the post from when I puchased the cue:


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