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Funk Master

Quick question... I purchased a used J/B cue and it has a REALLY hard tip on it. Is this standard or is it OK to put a medium-hard tip on it?

Thanks, Dave:confused:


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Damn Larry ..7 oz?? would that J/B be made of Balsa?
That is really light...maybe you are just talking about a jump cue w/ short handle?

Funk Master- Your cue probably has a phenolic tip on it. Tough to even scuff very much, should still hold chalk well? Sound like yours?
That is the best type of tip for the shots you will need this stick for. When Breaking, hit it dead center on the cue ball or slightly low to stop the ball, and hit it hard. The cue will make this "pi-tank!" sound and everyone in the room will wonder what just happened; a great cue for that style of break.
For Jump shots, the hard tip allows you a better energy transfer to the ball, but I am a kicker, so what do I know.

Someone who jumps alot "jump" in here.


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I use a JUMP CUE, not a hybrid Jump Break Cue. The Cue is 44-45 inches long, I find the extra length assists me in aiming & reaching for the shot. It's length is useful for the Pendulum stroke or the Dart stroke. The cue weighs about 8.7 oz. The shaft is made of Top Drawer Maple & the Butt is Cocobola & Maple. It is wrapped. It's really a little Cue Stick.

If you can't afford good equipment, I can understand. I too used the home made equipment & the cheap stuff for a long time. One day I said to myself, HEY I'm gambling for money here & I'm using somewhat inferior gear.... those days are gone. My Break Cue is a Predator BK, my Shooting Cue & Jump Cue are made by Auerbach Custom Cues of Tulsa. I'm no Professional, but I can Play Pool & I play better with good equipment. If that weren't a TRUE Statement, how would the Cue manufacturers stay in business? ...... They wouldn't.


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I'm with you ...

Jump/Breaks are nice, but it has been my observation that a regular Jump stick provides better jumping and more consistency than the Jump part of a Jump/Break stick. The Jump/Break stick development was an economics driven anyway.

FL ... 7 ozs, even the little Bunjee weighs
13 ozs, and I haven't seen a 'legal' jumper that weighs less than that (legal meaning at least 40" long, and a tip no bigger than 14 mm per BCA rules)

I have 2 Jump sticks, one being a Frog, but I saw a Jump stick last night I was intrigued with and that jumped well ....
It was the Scorpion Jump stick. Made similiar to the Frog with Brass flat joint and brass ferrule and graphite shaft, about 41 or 42" long and lighter than my Frog. Found out that Scorpion makes 2 jump sticks, the SCJump and the SCJC, but I can not find out the difference over the internet. The SCJC is $15 more than the SCJUMP, but no picture or description.

Does anyone know what the difference is between these 2 Scorpion Jump sticks?