Just joined the USBA-Now it is your turn!!!


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I just joined the USBA at the urging of Mr. Dieckman (El Jefe) and others. I encourage others to support the USBA and the games of Billiards. They offer some great benefits and support of tournaments etc. For only $50 you can help promote a great game and become a Member with benefits, maybe not as good as a friend with benefits; but close;)
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No thanks.

Really great post Fox523, especially considering it is only your third.:confused:
Hope to get more of your positive input in the future:(
At least you kept it short and to the point:grin-square:
So now tell me why you do not want to join the USBA and I ask this in all seriousness. Also where do you play, how long, etc etc


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I too am a new member of the usba, and proud to support such a great game and association!!


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If You don't want to be a USBA member -- Then ask USBA Secretary/Treasurer Jim Shovak how you can support the USBA like RatFinker [billiardshot] does!!!!!!!!! USBA #1 NonMemberzzzzzzzz!!!!!!