Just won a trip to TAP nationals in Dallas!

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The tournament module is an excuse to lower certain players down to give them a better chance to win.

If TAP was fair, everyone would be shooting at their regular handicap...the one they shoot with throughout the regular session.

TAP...stop fixing handicaps.:eek:

That's not the case. TAP uses the tournament module in all upper division tournaments. Everyone in the tournament module falls under the same criteria. TAP handicapping is by far the most accurate and provides league players an unparalleled experience with the new mobile device scoring. :thumbup:


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My league team just won a TAP National Qualifier tournament in Lancaster, PA. We went undefeated in 5 matches over the past 3 days. The prize is an all expense paid trip to Dallas, TX to compete in the TAP national tournament in November!!!! Very excited.

Well done. Good luck in Dallas!


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Congrats to you & your teammates. That is a beautiful hotel that you will staying/playing at..... I do not play in the TAP league but have some friends that do. I will try and get down there to watch them play. If I can find you I will say Hi.


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So what do you mean by all expense paid? That would mean they are paying for flight , room and food. Thats pretty sweet ..specially since in this area (i live in york) apa doesn't even give you enough to pay for your hotel and flight lol you have to kick some in.

All expenses would be pretty sweet, we don't get that in Canada.. They cover our flight and hotel.

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If you were in TAP as long as I have, you'd know how it all works.

Don't need no darn tournament module. When someone plays as
a handicap #7 all year long then goes to nationals and all of a sudden
he is a #6.......there is no excuse saying the tournament module did it.

Can't wait to go to the Nationals and clean up shooting as a handicap #4!:thumbup::thumbup:

You clearly have no understanding of how this system works. If you have been in TAP from the release of TM, you would know. Why play in a league format you have no understanding of and then get on open forums and dig on it. Dallas is going to be the largest event ever for TAP right? you should know. Well see you there.