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  • Stu FYI, it'll come out at the event lets keep this under hat till the event begins. Just thought I'd give yah a heads up since you enjoy being in the moment. I got this a couple days ago from Luke.

    Luke Riches <>
    Mon 4/15/2019 6:29 AM

    No I won’t be in Vegas. My last pool event was the World Pool Masters last week.

    Good luck with the script!

    Best wishes
    May today and EVERY day bring you much joy.

    hi Stu, it's Alex Lely from the Netherlands. i hope u r well as the pool scene in NY.
    i coach the Russians sometimes per year. a great group of talented and hard working players. 19-year old Ruslan Chinakhov continues to marvel with his skills.
    Ruslan would like to (and needs to) go to the States. i think there are two options.
    A. hardcore on the road, but needs a bonafide stakehorse. he plays good and long hours since his 12th
    B. stay at someone's house in New York. minimize expenses and play a lot of 14.1 and local tournaments
    what do you think about possibilities, best option?
    thanks, bye Alex
    ps i forgot the name of that redheaded girl, she quit pool and started to study political science (like me), you still see her? say hi
    Happy Birthday to an AzB-er who is MIA in recent times. Hope you are enjoying life to the fullest. May the coming years bring you much happiness, good health, and love in your heart!
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