Justin Bergman @TPC on Twitch/stlplayersclub


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The stream should be live about 8 pm tonight. Think we have a match for him but it may change.

As always I will interview the champ and attempt to shark him while he plays.

Always interesting at TPC. Join the stream and have some fun.

I will be at the Derby Fri evening until Sunday Morning if anyone would like to meet.

Brendan Sullivan

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Do you expect me to post?
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Thanks for the stream

Well, since no one else has replied to your post I will.
I enjoy your streams and appreciate you guys posting fresh content.
Your room is nice... I've heard you say you are getting a bigger room.
What you have seems to be working great. You should franchise out..
I'd like to see rooms like that in every big city.

Nice clean room with great equipment and enough players seem to come
through your room. Nice guys that match up fair.
If I come through your area, I would definitely stop and play.

All the best to you and your room.
Players on AZ that read this need to check out your stream.
I used to watch it on your youtube channel.
Now, I go to twitch.tv and your channel is called Stlplayersclub.

Good stuff.