JW Tuxedo Cue Lots of Ivory


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JossWest Tuxedo Cue Lots of Ivory

JossWest Ebony on Ebony with 4 shafts, 6 points three high and 3 low Ivory points on the forearm and repeated in the butt. Radial pin, Ivory joint, butt and points. Black leather wrap. The veneers are Holly. Matching ringwork at A,B,C,D,E and on all shafts, JW point protectors.

4 Shafts- All have matching ringwork.
(2 are stock JW shafts they are both supposed to have ivory ferrules, on one you can see the Ivory grain the other you can't so it may not be ivory). 1 shaft is a JW low deflection shaft that looks be be laminated in 6 peices. The last shaft is an Original Predator 314 with the matching ringwork.

Butt- 16oz
Shaft 1- 3.7oz, 12.9mm (ivory ferrule, JW stock shaft) All measurements taken just below the tip.
Shaft 2- 3.73oz 12.9mm (JW stock shaft)
Shaft 3- 3.77oz 12.9mm (JW low deflection shaft)
Shaft 4- 3.23oz 12.85mm (Original Predator 314)

Asking SOLD for the JossWest, shipped overnight and insured.
Please PM me with any questions or for more pictures.

JW cue1.jpg

JW forearm2.jpg

JW shafts1.jpg

JW jps1.jpg
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too bad that I’m located overseas, otherwise I’d be interested in this cue!

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