Karl Sloezen is giving lessons in NJ/NY


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If you live in the NJ/NY area and esp if your game is straight pool, you'll be hard pressed to find another instructor who can show you more about the game's finer points than Karl. He's a true 300+ ball runner and you'll be learning from a world-class straight pool player.

Years ago I took a couple of lessons from Karl when I was a middling D/C player, and he pointed out several fundamental flaws in my form and mechanics. Those lessons stuck, and now that I'm a middling B+/A- player I contacted Karl for more lessons a couple of weeks ago and we worked on my pattern play and safety game in 9/10 ball. The advantages of taking lessons from a pro-level player is immediately apparent: you ask a question and you know the answer you're getting is the correct one.

My friend, an avid (if somewhat hapless) straight pool player, is approaching the century mark after 3 lessons from Karl, whereas previously his high runs were stuck in the 60's. He shares my opinion that Karl's deep knowledge of the game and his ability to show you on the table exactly what he's trying to convey is key to his success as an instructor.

Anyway, his website is www.sloezenbilliards.com, I strongly urge you guys to give him a call.



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I spent some time with Karl the other day. he is still running racks flawlessly!!
Anybody looking to improve their game, he is the guy to see.

Positively Ralf

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Got a lesson from Karl Sloezen about a month or so ago. Fixed my stance and gave me some really good drills to work on. he also noticed other flaws that really has helped me pocket better. I'm not a high level player from just one lesson, but the pointers he gave me really have helped me.

also, hilarious guy. loved chatting with him about everything in general.


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I take lessons from Karl bi-weekly.

He will evaluate your shot making then correct your fundamental flaws. This will take a few months if you put in a lot of practice outside of lessons if you are a beginner like me.

He will then move onto advanced shot making with position or strategy with safeties whichever you would like. He discusses the plan with you and provides his advice based on his expertise. I chose strategy because I was terrible at it. We do some advanced shot making but I am more focused on stroke and strategy at the moment.

He has a stroke like you could not believe and will demonstrate exactly what he wants you to do. He will offer you 3 to 5 different safeties where you may not even see 1.

If you take the lessons at his house you will play on a beautiful 1940s brunswick centennial. It is a ton of fun and he will work you hard.
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