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hi guys,

i just got this email from Jun ( cue maker for Keith Andy )

he is wilingl to offer a large discount on his cues to raise funds for the devastation that has happened in japan.

If there is a cue you have always fancied, this is the time to get it !

you can email him directly

just tell him you are referring to the offer he made to me for the special discount...

below is his email to me..

let's hope we can help.



how are you?

the earthquake had a big damage in the northern part of japan.

i reached the area a few days ago, and i attached pictures that i have taken, when i visited the pool hall owners.

it is worse than i thought...

i need to stay here for a few more weeks, so if possible, could you please ask your pool friends if they could possibly buy any of the cues on our web site.

it is pretty urgent for the pool halls that suffered.

i need to help them out, and i need your help asking your friends.

sorry for the email, but i need to do the best for them.

thanks always


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Wow, This so sad, my heart goes to all the japanese people. I wish i could contribute at this time. But i am sure his cues will be picked up pretty fast.