Kielwood shaft ?????????


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For cues the wood is primarily Maple. The process is called torrefaction. The process is also done to other species of wood and grain. The other common wood species used are Sycamore, Basswood, Northern Ash, Swamp Ash and Cherry.

A special oxygen depleted kiln is used to heat the wood to around 300*. The process removes the moisture from the wood, changes cell structure and makes for the darker brown appearance. The changes make a more homogenous piece of lumber that is more dimensionally stable than wood dried in a conventional kiln.

I make both one piece LD Kielwood Maple shafts and 6-pie LD Kielwood Maple shafts. The 6-pie play amazing. Prices vary depending on the amount or lack of curly figure. Prices are higher than regularly dried Maple due to the higher cost of the torrefaction process and related lumber.


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I'm late to the game here, but to reiterate, there is no such thing as kielwpod. These shafts are all made from roasted maple. The prices they charge are pretty outrageous as well with Hsunami at around 415 a shaft.

Nothing special. Just maple wood baked in an oven, sometimes in a vacuum. That is all. No magic.