Leagues Paying Green Fee's (Y/N)


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You may be paying and not know it.

The league I'm involved in running pays the host halls for table time. This is taken out of the weekly dues so the players don't actually see the money going to the host hall.

We do this to maintain goodwill with the host establishments and set ourselves apart from the other leagues in our city. In total we have 4 leagues in our city and one or two of them don't have the best reputations with the host establishments because they ask alot and don't give back much in return.

As for the cost being part of the weekly dues, our dues are the lowest out of all the leagues and we're able to compete with bigger prize pools.

To be fair, our league is non-profit, 2 of the other leagues are run as businesses.


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Free Shoot'n for APL in SE PA

I play in 3 leagues, all APL (BCA). Mondays and Tuesdays are both bar leagues and Wednesdays are club leagues. All tables are free for league play. They open the tables at 6:30 PM for the home team to practice, and 7 PM for the visiting team. League play starts at 7:30. The play usually lasts until around midnight. All free table time which I'm sure is arranged by the league. I do not think the league pays the owners for the table time as 16 players are drinking/eating for about 6 hours. http://www.amateurpoolleague.com/



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Are league is also no profit. Every pennie after expenses goes back to the players along with a income statement at the banquet. At the pool halls we play in they allow 1 hour free practice and some bars open the tables while others make you pay for practice. The league asks nothing of the establishments except that they keep the table free on the night we play. They don't pay us anything, to be there and at the end of the year they get a plaque saying thanks for sponsoring.