Lets use cryptocurrency in action- selling Mobley and OB plain janes


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Willing to sell for any cryptocurrency (btc, ltc, bcash, ada, iota, literally any crypto you can think of), shipping WorldWide as I am in Asia right now. If you really want cues but do not have crypto, PayPal is an option

OB 125 with linen wrap- Brand New (one shaft test hit on a mobley butt for 5 min)
Butt is 15.8oz
Shafts 3.2 and 3.3oz
So together 19/19.1oz
12.75mm tips
Big pin 3/8x10

Price: equivalent of 450 usd with for both shafts and 2 soft cases I received when I bought a cue

Randy Mobley cue:

Butt 14oz
Brass Joint
Shafts 3.8oz and 12.7mm tips (Kamui Med clear and G2 med)
Big pin 3/8x10
Perfect Leather wrap
butt has 2 dings close to a below wrap, and one shaft has a dind prob 3 inches below the ferrule- tried to take pictures of them
has a simple set of joint protectors

Easily one of the best hit out of hundreds of high end cues I have owned to played with

Price: equivalent of 1200 usd with for both shafts and a 1x2 hard case (looks like Its George but without markings)

Apparently I cannot post more replies to add more photos like I used to do- feel free to send me an email at mel_smog@yahoo.ca or PM for more pictures


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I,m pretty sure i owned this mobley(new logo,by the way) and it truly is a great player. The jump up in price when randy puts points in his cues are thousands more,not hundreds. This is a "plain jane or merry widow" by one of the premier cuemakers in the world right now. I do not know the seller but he is offering up a great player here for quite a bit below what the cue cost new.


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The way Bitcoin is getting clamped down on by various international regulators, I may be able to buy this cue without breaking a coin up soon