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This is not a cue you find for sale very often. This cue was custom ordered 1" long (29.5, 29.5) and weighs 20.8 (17.1 butt, 3.7 shaft), the shaft is 12.75 mm old dark high ring count wood 3/8-10 Pin. The cue is uncored highly figured cocobolo and the rings above and below the wrap have ivory accents. The leather wrap is not original to the cue and I am not sure who installed it but they did a great job.

The tip never leaves the table when rolling the cue together or apart. There is one a few nicks in the butt mostly just through the clear coat (shown in pictures). Also there some ripples in the clear coat that is on the first couple inches of the shaft. These are minor issues I just like putting it all out there so you know what you are buying. Looking for $$$sold$$$ insured. Paypal FF or add 3% for the fees.

For some provenance this cue was is in Scott Sherbines shop pre-leather wrap.


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