Lightning Bolt Jump/Break cue 14 oz G10 ferrule/tip


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Brand New, never used. Lightning Bolt Jump/Break Cue 14 oz. 3/8 x 10 joint. People say that you need a heavier break cue to break well. That is not is not the case. You need a lighter cue to generate speed. This takes it to the extreme. When this cue was in circulation at Players, there were two models, at 12 oz. version that had the sim shock stabilizer butt cap and the 14 oz. version with at standard butt cap. This is the 14 oz. One piece G10 ferrule/tip create huge energy for a monster break and extremely light front end for controllable jumps. This cue has not been in circulation for a while and rarely does one show up on ebay. Good luck. Listing is on ebay for $230 OBO or auction if you wanna go down that road. Unless you want to work out a deal private party. I will accept $230 OBO shipping included and the payment must be made through Zelle or paypal friends and family.


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8   0   0 might want to include a link. there are actually a couple cues available on eBay!


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What he is saying is put a link to your auction or no one will know which of the many cues on ebay is yours.