Longoni Luna Nera


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I just got a Longoni Sparkle (Niels Feijen line) cue with a LUNA NERA shaft. After about 5 hrs of table time with it, I wanted to give my initial impressions.

Deflection = IMHO it has more than Revo (12.9 or 12.4), but less than Cynergy. If memory serves me correctly, about same as GO 12.4.

Feel = Shaft is very slick and glides effortlessly through a closed bridge. This shaft is tied with the Ignite for the best feeling shaft I have tried. I didn't get a ping sound when playing a power shot as I read in one review.

Looks/finish = Merry Widow is my favorite type of cue butt, so this black ( I believe Hornbeam) looks great to me and the LUNA NERA shaft matches really nice I got the leather grip model and really like the feel. I couldn't find any finish issues.

Overall = This butt/shaft combination moves the cue ball more effortlessly than any cue I have owned and that has been a lot. I believe one of the reasons is that I like a forward weighted cue. I was able to get a .7oz weight pretty far in and it made the balance point at 20 inches. Shaft weighs 4.5 oz, which helps with the forward balance. Butt weighs 14.7oz with the weight bolt. Don't know if this will be my forever cue, but am having a blast with it now!

P.S. I also got the S2 shaft. Haven't played with it much, but seems pretty good.

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