Looking for Scruggs or Frey Sneaky Pete Cues Only


Looking for Sneaky Pete cues made by either Tim Scruggs or Bob Frey. Am willing to pay a fair price for a cue that is straight together AND apart, but will consider shafts (but no butts) that only have the slightest of rolls. Thanks!


TS True Sneaky Pete

I have a TS sneaky pete that was made in TS shop, either by Tim or by Bob Frey. It was made from a cut down house cue from what I am told so would be one of his very early ones. Any and all info I have about this cue is from peeps in AZ or from research on the www. I don't believe the cue has ever been altered except to install tips over the years. I emailed Bob and he offered to refinish for $125 but I really like the cue as is. The finish has typical wear from a cue that old but I do not see any damage whatsoever to any of the wood. The shaft measures 12.83 at the tip and the weight is 19.5 with 15.25 butt and 4.23 shaft. The cue rolls straight together and apart. Weight is adjustable and the weight bolt is same style as my Schon. The joint is same joint as Schon and also Joss. I have tried to find another cue like this to determine the value. I will sell it at fair market value if I can find out what that is. I believe that Tim is the one who made this cue being that Bob Frey did not understand my descripion of how the butt and forearm are spliced with a filler at the splice. If interested in discussing please reply on AZ or call me anytime at 941-303-9761. I am not particularly a "motivated" seller but would sell if confident of the value. Any sources you know of that would help determine that? Thanks, Brad Adkins


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