Looking For This Dieckman Cue


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From Dieckman Cuemaker WebSite

This is a very special cue as it incorporates the VIET NAM SERVICE MEDAL in the joint/rear ring work. Comes with three custom fitted ½” x 10 TPI shafts from 25 + year old maple, slightly oversize to my personal taper. The circular inlay at the rear is a fresh picked bud of “la mota” immersed in a cast acrylic plastic. I intended to make a number of these but one day i woke up, went down to the shop to play and discovered it was work, and just like that decided to stop building cues. I WAS DONE WITH IT. This is one of the last butts i finished off and signed, note it is 001.

RFBW , Stand for RatF@@ker Bob Watson...

Interest in buying ! Help Me Jamison Neu and 3 Kushn!! Tom Paley!

Any Ifo are Help would be appreciated!!



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I hope you find it
i hope you are doing well
I thank you for all the links and your advice in the past